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This is the home of the one and only HYPNOTITS.  No one knows who he really is but his passion and desire for busty women surpasses all.  Join him here and enjoy surreal, sexy hypno-videos featuring beautiful, busty women, with dialogue, animation, music & audio by the infamous Hypnotits. This erotic hypnosis page is updated often.

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Free HypnoTits Downloads

These free erotic hypnosis downloads are provided to HYPNOFANTASY MEMBERS free of charge.   Take as many as you want and enjoy.

Television Time
Mistress sits you down & has you watch some TV.

You're Watching Titty-Vision
Well, you ARE...or you will be. Soon.

Crosseyed & Painless
You met her in a go to her place, where she slips a powerful MC drug into your, she's seducing you, teasing you, & driving you wild...& you're about to eagerly sign everything you own over to her.

It's Curtains For Your Mind
So arousingly effective. Now you feel so submissive to her...& so horny, the crack of dawn isn't safe.

Isn't It Easy?

Shadow Reveal
Mesmerizing movements make her your Mistress.

Psychedelic Nurse
No one can resist the Psychedelic Nurse.

Titty Training thought you liked big boobs, did you? By the time you've finished Titty Training 01, you'll not only LOVE big boobs, but just SEEING a woman with beautiful big breasts will affect you...deeply.

Morgan Leigh - Hypnotically
Gaze at the breasts of Morgan Leigh. She'll enslave you & control you...hypnotically.

Jim Phelps' mission becomes even more impossible. He's captured & interrogated with B-230, the very drug he's supposed to destroy...Being "pumped" for information never felt (or looked) so good.

Reflection Connection
An ornate hotel-room mirror reflects your obsession that
Mistress Jemstone will exploit to the fullest. Your "free will" is toast, &
you couldn't care less.

Titty Training 02
It seems you've been a less-than-ideal subject for Mistress Jemstone...your first Titty Training session affected you, but not as deeply, or as permanently, as Mistress had hoped it would. You're still resisting Her on some level, & that just won't do. Your will must be totally destroyed, not just weakened...which brings us to today's session. "Titty Training 02" has never failed to enslave...& Mistress Jemstone is counting on TT02 to reduce you to an obedient pile of horny Jell-O. Watch it alone, with headphones, & you might just find yourself on your knees, quivering with the demented lust of a titty slave...& hoping Mistress agrees that there's always room for Jell-O.

You Want to Obey
"...her subtle, rhythmic swaying fascinated him, until he realized with a
start that she was trying to hypnotize him! 'Bah! he can't be hypnotized unless you want it to happen.' Unfortunately, he also realized that..he DID want it to happen. A lot."

The Areola Show
"Remember Areola from that "Gals Gone Wild" episode of "Stroker & Hoop"? (If not, find her here:

She has her own show on TittyVision now, and, as she says soooo well, "You can't NOT look!" Who's going wild NOW?

It was the best party you'd been to in ages...well, what you remember of it, anyway. After that buxom brunette whispered in your ear, everything gets a little...fuzzy. (Or fzy.) You wish you could remember what she said, but it hurts to try. Isn't that weird?

Cliche musical techno-boobery by me."

Unlike Flint
"How, sir? How could I let that HOT woman from Galaxy debrief me & screw up the mission? Take a look at this clip, sir...this is a small part of the "pleasure unit" training Galaxy's female agents must endure. Hey, I'm just a man, you know? I'm no Derek Flint...& frankly, neither are you, sir. Sir? Stop watching the video, sir...."

Brainwax (in the JordTronix Room o' Video)
"So I'm sitting in my brand-new JordTronix Room o' Video, watching a
favorite hypno-themed movie, when something...happened. Damned if I can remember what it was, but boy, do I want to see some hot women with big breasts. I mean, I really, really want to see 'em. Right friggin' now. I'm going to Gallagher's. See yez."

Size 44EE thanks to Jord for his support, his artistic brilliance, & for
supplying the amazing source pic upon which this is based. Music by me.

Seeing Things
"What? What? Say it again...this damned cell phone....yeah, the doctor said  the flower was full of scopolamine...yeah, well, it sure erased my friggin' memory...the last thing I remember is that woman asking me to smell her flower...yeah, well if you saw her, you'd smell anything, no after-effects so far...except for some weird dreams....& my empty bank account...yeah, you heard right....sigh...

'Music' by me. Comments are appreciated."

Such a Pinch
"From deep in the HT Studios vaults, Hypnofantasy brings you an early
Hypnotits video, 'SUCH a Pinch'. Surprisingly, Joe Besser does NOT make a cameo appearance in it...however, there are two giant reasons to download 'SUCH a Pinch'....& both of 'em get pinched...a lot. Enjoy this relic from the archives. (And yes, I do occasionally play with the vault doors when I don't need to open them.)"

Bettie's Rubble
"Shot right here at HT Studios, in our "Treat Shockment" room, Bettie's Rubble stars the uber-lovely Bettie Ballhaus (which, if I know my German, means "ball house"). Note the unusual pendant in Bettie's cleavage. (It's said that it's so deep that even light cannot escape...I'm betting that it just doesn't wanna come out. Would you?) Oh, & she's turning your will, to, uh, rubble. (Yeah, I know it's a stretch.) Comments keep Bedrock free."

Doctor Doll
"Prim, professional medical practitioner...or insanely sexy
hypno-dominatrix? Who says she can't be both? In one video? Enjoy both sides of Dr. Donna Doll.  Comments are welcome."

Vixen Titzen
From the breast-fevered minds of Russ Meyer & myself comes this lovely pneumatic pnymph, dancing for your schvantzing pleasure. Clip is from "Russ Meyer's Ultravixens", music & psychedelia by me. Comments, please!

Titty OD
When is "too much" too much? If we're talking about big beautiful breasts, there's no such thing! (Unless they're "circus freak"-type big, which I can't stand.) "Titty OD" is the "good" kind of "too much", & the soundtrack features my rearrangement of The Normal's "TVOD" (the B-side of "Warm Leatherette"!). SERIOUS NOTE: People prone to seizures brought on by flashing lights, images, etc. should NOT watch this video. No joke. Comments, ratings & reviews are things I could never OD on, even if they're "bad".